Sustainability and the Mining Life Cycle

During the Mining Life Cycle of an aggregate operation, our members are encouraged to

Planning Phase

  • Develop a site-specific plan for post-mining land use and/or reclamation that engages stakeholders in planning for future needs and interests.
  • Plan for the prevention and/or minimization of environmental impacts.
  • Adopt and implement an Environmental Management System program to properly manage potential environmental risks and requirements, and improve overall environmental performance.

Operational and Closure Phase

  • Pursue new technologies and practices to improve the operational, safety, health and environmental efficiency of our operations.
  • Invest in the personal and professional development of employees to ensure a strong workforce into the future.
  • Ensure that employees are treated in a respectful and positive manner, and provide them with competitive compensation programs consistent with performance and industry practice.
  • Identify, control and/or eliminate risks associated with occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Encourage employees and contractors to interact responsibly within the community in which we operate and serve.
  • Work in partnerships to promote beneficial post-mining land use, including industrial, commercial, and residential and community development, agricultural production, and wildlife conservation, habitat creation and restoration.