Business Case for Sustainability

1. Sustainability is a developing issue in the markets where NSSGA members operate.  Public resource agencies are implementing frameworks based on sustainable development.  NSSGA member companies will increase their abilities to compete effectively by implementing sustainability guidelines.

2. The long-term viability of the industry is dependent on obtaining and maintaining a social license to operate. These licenses are based on discretionary decisions by local government bodies that are heavily influenced by political/public opinion.  NSSGA member companies will enhance their ability to obtain these licenses when applying sustainability guidelines.

3. Sustainability emphasizes the efficient use of resources, which reduces costs (by reducing waste) and contributes to profitability.

4. Implementation of sustainability principles can reduce the risk of adverse legal and regulatory actions.

5. Sustainability is an integrated concept.  Implementing sustainability guidelines will help to coordinate and improve the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary groups such as community relations, EH&S, operations and legal in NSSGA member companies.