Climate Change

NSSGA has developed a protocol to help aggregate producers and pulverized mineral producers calculate emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) in an accurate, consistent, and verifiable manner. Using this protocol, NSSGA member companies can determine if their emissions are above future regulatory and/or Congressional thresholds and can participate in voluntary emissions registry programs. The GHG inventories will provide emission baselines that NSSGA member companies can use to evaluate the impact of future regulatory programs and to receive consideration for any future regulatory initiatives concerning verified emission reductions. These procedures will also help determine the possible value of industry sector-specific GHG inventory procedures.

The GHG inventory data provide a useful tool for evaluating options for reducing GHG emissions. The GHG emissions data compiled based on this inventory protocol will help NSSGA member companies inform stockholders and public stakeholders concerning GHG emissions and emission reduction programs.

And the worksheet itself as per: (the excel sheet)


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