Deep in the Heart of Texas

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A Message from MSHA Administrator Zatezalo

David Zatezalo, MSHA administrator, addressed attendees of NSSGA’s Closing General Session and emphasized the agency’s commitment to embracing technology to improve safety. “We have the means and the technology to avoid [injuries]. We’re supposed to be in the technology age, let’s get modernized,” he said. Zatezalo has decades of experience in the coal industry and noted that his most successful operations were also the ones with the best safety records. Check out NSSGA Live for a clip from Zatezalo’s address.

Cyber Smarts

Theresa Payton, former Chief Information Officer at the White House and Cybersecurity Expert, talked about the importance of securing data. People produce massive amounts of data every day, and she offered tips to combat the increasingly complex and insidious malware and ransomware attacks from hackers. Using two-factor authentication on all accounts can improve security, and she encouraged people to have a very frank discussion with all company departments about securing data. Companies should know how long it would take them to get back online after a ransomware attack and run preparation drills to ensure all staff is prepared to handle a hack.

Recognizing the Industry’s Best

During the Closing General Session of NSSGA’s Annual Convention, Chairman Mark Helm introduced the 2018 Barry K Wendt Memorial Award, which was posthumously given to John Wall of Braen Stone. “For the past 42 years, John put his heart and soul into the job every day. His employees admired him and they took his commitment as an example. Just like John, they came to see that the heart of every job is overcoming the obstacles,” Helm said.

Todd Ohlheiser, executive director of the Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, also received the State Executive of the Year award. He helped to oppose MSHA’s proposed Workplace Exams Rule in 2016 by telling the agency about the real-world implications of the rule. He has also worked to educate Colorado operations on the serious effects on permitting that would have come about from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 Waters of the United States rule. Both the EPA and MSHA proposals currently are being revised.

Aggregates Financials: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Joel Galassini, CEMEX regional president for Texas, presented ways for anyone to easily read and calculate financial statements during the AGG1 Academy & Expo.

“How many times have you thought you had a good month, only to be disappointed by the final numbers? What happened?” Galassini asked. The answers lie in the financial statements. His presentation gave multiple scenarios as to how the bottom line could change when inventory cost changed or other variable costs changed. “You need to understand how the numbers flow to truly understand how an operation is performing,” he said.

He explained the importance of grouping by similar activities, sales and production and how fixed and variable costs impact the bottom line. By introducing variables

Figure out all of the sales costs first, then add up the production costs to see the operation’s bottom line.

Pick up the May/June edition of Stone, Sand & Gravel REVIEW for a full review of Galassini’s session and others from the AGG1 Academy & Expo.

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