Crushing it at AGG1!

Exhibitors at NSSGA’s 2019 AGG1 Academy & Expo showcased the latest equipment and technology that allows operations to produce aggregates more safely and efficiently than ever before. Catch the coverage of exhibitors and education from the show and remarkable speakers and events from NSSGA’s Annual Convention.


NSSGA Renews Partnership with MSHA

NSSGA formally renewed its alliance with the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) during Wednesday’s NSSGA Board of Directors meeting.  The NSSGA-MSHA Alliance serves to foster safer and more healthful working conditions for miners.  Through the Alliance, NSSGA and MSHA will jointly work to provide industry personnel with information, guidance and access to training resources that will promote the health and safety of miners.  “NSSGA members are committed to the health and safety of our workers, and we are reinforcing that commitment by renewing our alliance with MSHA today,” said Michael W. Johnson, IOM, president and CEO of NSSGA.

Ed Elliott, left, MSHA advisor, and Johnson sign a new MSHA NSSGA Alliance program.

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