Congress returns to work on Sept. 8 for a two-week session expected to be consumed by discussion of several “must pass” bills.  Top on the agenda is reaching agreement on an appropriations measure to continue funding the government after the end of the current fiscal year Sept. 30.  Although the House has passed seven appropriations bills, the Senate has passed none.  A continuing funding resolution is likely, with work on an omnibus appropriations bill likely in the lame duck congressional session.

The House is expected to vote on legislation preventing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from moving forward on the waters of the U.S. rule shortly after returning to session.  NSSGA supports passage of the House bill. H.R.5078.  Also, the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee will continue hearings on the highway program in preparation for proposing a long-term bill.

What is certain is that Congress isn’t likely to be in session for very long in September, with most House members and one-third of the Senate anxious to return home and continue campaigning before the November mid-term elections.

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