Excellence in Community Relations Awards

2016 Acton platinum CR

2017 Award Winners

FacilityAwardCompany NameCity, State
Bolingbrook QuarryGoldVulcan Materials CompanyNaperville, IL
Bridgeport QuarryGoldLehigh HansonChico, TX
Cabarrus QuarryGoldVulcan Materials CompanyWinston Salem, NC
Dolcito QuarryGoldVulcan Materials CompanyBirmingham, AL
Gainesville QuarryGoldLehigh HansonAtlanta, GA
Gallatin QuarryPlatinum Rogers Group, Inc.Gallatin, TN
Lake Wales Sand MineGoldCEMEXLake Wales, FL
Lawrenceburg QuarryGoldRogers Group, Inc.Columbia, TN
Servtex QuarryGoldLehigh HansonNew Braunfels, TX
474 Sand MineSilverCEMEXOrlando, FL
Bluffton PlantSilverIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Celina QuarrySilverOldcastle, Inc.Thornville, OH
Cowan QuarrySilverRogers Group, Inc.Tullahoma, TN
Davenport Sand MineSilverCEMEXOrlando, FL
Denniston QuarrySilverOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI
Fall Creek Sand & Gravel PlantSilverIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Hanson Aggregates BMC, Inc. - Rich Hill QuarrySilverLehigh HansonAllentown, PA
Hanson Aggregates New York, LLC - Jamesville QuarrySilverLehigh HansonAllentown, PA
Laraway QuarrySilverVulcan Materials CompanyNaperville, IL
Maybee QuarrySilverOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI
McCook QuarrySilverVulcan Materials CompanyNaperville, IL
Newport QuarrySilverOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI
Princeton QuarrySilverLehigh HansonAtlanta, GA
Streetsboro sand and gravelSilverOldcastle, Inc.Thornville, OH
Stringtown QuarrySilverLafargeHolcimAddison, TX
Tuscumbia QuarrySilverRogers Group, Inc.Laceys Spring, AL
Bloomington Crushed StoneBronzeRogers Group, Inc.Bloomington, IN
Boonville QuarryBronzeBarrett Paving Materials, Inc.Watertown, NY
Buncombe QuarryBronzeThe Delta Companies Inc.Jackson, MO
CEMEX Lytle Creek PlantBronzeCEMEXOntario, CA
Coolidge RM Plant & AggregatesBronzeCalPortland CompanyPhoenix, AZ
Corydon PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Cumming QuarryBronzeBluegrass Materials Company, LLCJacksonville, FL
FEC QuarryBronzeCEMEXOrlando, FL
Greenwood PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Hanson Aggregates - Ardmore QuarryBronzeLehigh HansonAllentown, PA
Hanson Material Service - Thornton QuarryBronzeLehigh HansonAllentown, PA
Henrietta QuarryBronzeRogers Group, Inc.Mooresboro, NC
Hopkinsville AggregatesBronzeRogers Group, Inc.Hopkinsville, KY
Huntington PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
LafargeHolcim Meyer Material Algonquin MineBronzeMeyer Material Co.South Elgin, IL
Larson QuarryBronzeLafargeHolcimEagan, MN
McCordsville PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Mill Creek GraniteBronzeMartin Marietta MaterialsDallas, TX
Mill Creek LimestoneBronzeMartin Marietta MaterialsDallas, TX
Mitchell Crushed StoneBronzeRogers Group, Inc.Mitchell, IN
Monroe County QuarryBronzeLehigh HansonAtlanta, GA
Moorpark QuarryBronzeCEMEXOntario, CA
Morgan County Sand & GravelBronzeRogers Group, Inc.Martinsville, IN
Moscow Sand & GravelBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI
Norwood QuarryBronzeBarrett Paving Materials, Inc.Watertown, NY
Oak Ridge QuarryBronzeRogers Group, Inc.Nashville, TN
Orange Grove PlantBronzeCalPortland CompanyPhoenix, AZ
Ostrander QuarryBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Thornville, OH
Ottawa Lake QuarryBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI
Patterson Sand & GravelBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI
Peru PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Princeton QuarryBronzeAllegheny Mineral CorporationKittanning, PA
Riverbend Sand and GravelBronzeMartin Marietta MaterialsRaleigh, NC
Sandy Flat QuarryBronzeLehigh HansonAtlanta, GA
Sellersburg PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Shalersville sand and gravelBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Thornville, OH
Slippery Rock QuarryBronzeAllegheny Mineral CorporationKittanning, PA
Stamper MineBronzeMartin MariettaOverland Park, KS
Stony Creek PlantBronzeIrving Materials, Inc.Kokomo, IN
Texas QuarryBronzeBluegrass Materials Company, LLCCockeysville, MD
Tilcon New York Inc. Mount Hope QuarryBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Parsippany, NJ
Watertown QuarryBronzeBarrett Paving Materials, Inc.Watertown, NY
Worthington/Graff QuarryBronzeAllegheny Mineral CorporationKittanning, PA
Zeeb Sand & GravelBronzeOldcastle, Inc.Monroe, MI

The Community Relations awards program was begun in 1989 to recognize aggregate producers whose community involvement and support activities enhanced the public’s perception of the aggregates industry in general and the public image of the individual producer’s aggregates operation in particular.

NSSGA firmly believes that an active community relations program is the best way for an aggregates producer to demonstrate clearly that an operation can be and, indeed is, an asset in any community and that the individuals who manage and work at aggregates operations are both good neighbors and responsible corporate citizens.

The ultimate goal of the Excellence in Community Relations award program is improvement of the public’s perception of both local crushed stone, sand and gravel operations and the aggregates industry by generating positive media exposure.  It is designed specifically to:

  • Encourage Producers to Become Involved With And Support Their Local Communities.  Aggregates operations are important to a community’s overall economic strength, but the positive effect touches residents only indirectly.  Not everyone welcomes a quarry into their neighborhood, yet many companies effectively manage and even overcome this challenge.  Community involvement and related support activities are a few of the means a producer has to create public awareness of its operation and its benefit to the community.
  • Encourage Producers to Develop Support Activities that Emphasize the Personal Involvement of their Employees Working Together with People in the Community.  The image of truck traffic, surface mining and all other aspects of construction aggregates production may never be very popular.  As a public relations strategy, just making a monetary donation can be ineffective. The producer who limits real local involvement only reinforces the public’s impression of an insensitive operation. The producer needs to show the public that its operation consists of people–individual men and women–who represent the community’s values and concerns, just as much as they reflect the interests of aggregate production.
  • Encourage Producers to Begin Working with Local Media to Develop Positive Coverage for All Aspects of Their Community Activities.  Positive media coverage must be a major criterion in evaluating the effectiveness of these public relations activities.  The most difficult step in generating positive media coverage is getting producers to overcome an aversion to almost all forms of media.  The industry used to be almost invisible, and some producers like to pretend that it still is–or should be.  Therefore, some of the industry’s best community involvement/support activities are structured to keep as low a public profile as possible.  In other cases, producers have simply are not aware of how to develop their programs to maximize local media coverage.


Certificate of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement will be awarded in the Community Participation, Education, Media Relations, Communication and Local and State Government categories for companies wishing to submit one or more areas of a community relations program.  Those entries that submit a completed self-certification entry form will receive this basic level of recognition.