Aggregates Matter: Our Industry’s Economic Impact

Showing That Aggregates Matter

The permitting process can be a long and winding one for aggregates operations. Opponents of a quarry can rely on myths to stall or threaten permits that allow a quarry to expand or increase production. The Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy recently released a study that shows the positive impact of a stone, sand or gravel operation on jobs, tax revenues and other businesses. For example, every single job at an aggregates operation supports nearly five jobs outside the quarry – an incredible multiplier effect for local economies.

Quarries looking for positive facts can use the following information to improve permit applications and community relations.


Facts at a Glance

  • $27 billion: aggregates industry sales
  • $75,129: average annual salary of a quarry job
  • $570 million: taxes paid by the aggregates industry
  • 90%: percentage of aggregates produced within 50 miles of where they are consumed
  • 4.87: number of additional jobs each quarry job creates throughout the economy
  • $4.19: amount of earnings in other sectors generated by every $1 earned in the aggregates industry

Get all the facts here.

Why these facts matter:

  • Quarries create jobs & opportunity in every community
  • The economic effects of our industry are stable and long-lasting

Publish an Op-Ed

Fill out sections of the Word document below and submit to your local press as an opinion piece. Don’t forget to check with the publication about word limits and lead time for submission. “Op-eds” are great ways to educate your community on the value of quarries by showing the benefits to jobs, infrastructure and the local economy. 

Use our template as a starting point, and customize according to your interests and your community.

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The aggregates industry is quite literally the bedrock of our economy, helping create new jobs in every community. #AggregatesMatter

When the aggregates industry is healthy, so is our economy. Our industry drives American growth & opportunity. #AggregatesMatter

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