AGG1 2019 is Open for Business

Record-setting show floor opens as NSSGA welcomes new association leadership

A record number of exhibitors are filling up the AGG1 Academy & Expo floor this year. Watch NSSGA Live’s coverage of the latest tech available only at this event. 

Rich Karlgaard Highlights a Workforce Solution

The aggregates industry faces a workforce shortage each year, as companies continue to find themselves in need of people to produce the building blocks of our infrastructure and communities.

Rich Kargaard, Forbes publisher, said that the industry should look to “late bloomers” to fill employment gaps. Northwestern Mutual, for example, identified athletes from Division 3 colleges, military veterans, first generation Americans and women returning to the workforce as ideal candidates for their sales positions. Ivy-league educated graduates of prestigious universities don’t quite fit the bill.

“There is talent out there that is just as good, they just get overlooked,” he said. “Tom Brady is a late bloomer. He was the 199th player taken in that draft.”

Rich Karlgaard, Forbes publisher

NSSGA Welcomes New Leadership

Randy Lake, president of CRH Americas Materials, addressed the NSSGA Annual Convention crowd for the final time as chairman of the association.

“It was an honor to serve as NSSGA Chairman this past year,” he said. “One thing that strikes me time and time again in our businesses, and across the aggregates and building materials industry, is the common thread among our people who are committed to safety, hard work, getting things done and doing a great job. I want to thank each of you for your support and participation in your association this year. You have helped to further establish NSSGA as the advocacy leader in the construction materials industry.”

Bob Weldon, NSSGA’s incoming chairman, talked about building on the successes from 2018 as he leads the association through the next year. Weldon is the president of Weldon Materials, Inc., based in Westfield, N.J. He is the fifth generation to run the family business.

“Our products feel indispensable. You cannot build a road or bridge without aggregates. Our highways cannot be paved without our materials. Schools and hospitals cannot serve their communities unless they’re built with our materials,” he said. “We provide good paying jobs for the people of the communities in which we operate. We all know people who have worked in our companies as long as we have – they’re like family to us. We couldn’t think of doing our jobs without them. They’re indispensable, and over the next 12 months, I want to work toward having NSSGA seen the same way by you.”

Lake (left) welcomed incoming NSSGA chairman Weldon (right)

Karen Hubacz-Kiley Receives AggMan of the Year Award

Aggregates Manager presents the AggMan of the Year Award annually during NSSGA’s convention.

“Whether getting her CDL, running Bond Construction, or advocating on the industry’s behalf in Washington, there is very little that Karen cannot do,” said Therese Dunphy, editor-in-chief of Aggregates Manager. “She learned the business literally from the ground up and knows how to run each position in the operation. To this day, she doesn’t hesitate to jump into any role to keep things moving.”

Hubacz-Kiley (left) and Dunphy (right)

“I can’t begin to tell you how humbled and honored I am to receive this award especially knowing that there are so many other deserving people in this room,” said Hubacz-Kiley. “Recognition for your efforts in a small family business is virtually non-existent so to be recognized on a stage like this… let me tell you, feels wicked awesome!”

Prepare for Wednesday!

The AGG1 Academy & Expo opens at 9 a.m., Wednesday.

Don’t miss the “Deal of a Lifetime” panel at the Rock & Road Talks stage at 1 p.m. Industry leaders will talk about how a major federal infrastructure investment will create jobs across the country. Check out the AGG1 floor plan and exhibitor list in the AGG1 app, on Android and Apple markets, and online. 

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