A2 Grassroots

The aggregates industry continually faces legislation in Congress that directly impacts the bottom lines and the operations of its member companies. According to lawmakers, constituent or grassroots mobilization may be the most effective way to accomplish legislative goals. Through A2, NSSGA members have the potential to become more influential advocates for aggregates.


NSSGA’s “Aggregates In Action” (A2) grassroots program is recognized by Congress as a premiere transportation construction industry-leading grassroots advocacy organization.

We want to make grassroots activism simpler, easier and more effective for you!

Our goal is to educate and influence policymakers on issues of importance to the aggregates industry through both broad-based and micro-targeted campaigns.

Driving It Home

In December 2015, Congress passed and the president signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) — a five-year, $305.5 billion surface transportation authorization bill.

The FAST Act, however, does not provide a permanent solution to the Highway Trust Fund’s structural revenue deficit.

A stable and sustainable funding option for the future is critical in order to achieve a bold, new, long-term, multi-modal vision for our national transportation system to ensure the continued prosperity and security of the United States.

It is up to you to make sure that Congress keeps their focus on the need to begin considering future funding options for the Highway Trust Fund now so they are not faced with a series of short-term extensions and patchwork fixes when the FAST Act expires.

Be sure you are DRIVING IT HOME with your senators and representatives whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Hosting a Legislative Bus Tour of Highway Projects


Hosting a bus tour of active highway projects for elected officials and members of their staffs is a great way to drive home to them the importance of our nation’s highways.

In wake of the enactment of the FAST Act, tours and visits such as these play a crucial role in educating elected officials.

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