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A2 Grassroots

The aggregates industry continually faces legislation in Congress that directly impacts the bottom lines and the operations of its member companies. According to lawmakers, constituent or grassroots mobilization may be the most effective way to accomplish legislative goals. Through A2, NSSGA members have the potential to become more influential advocates for aggregates.


Rally for Roads 2012 (17 of 96)

NSSGA’s A2 “Growing Forward” grassroots program is recognized by Congress as a premiere transportation construction industry-leading grassroots advocacy organization.

We want to make grassroots activism simpler, easier and more effective for you!

Our goal is to educate and influence policymakers on issues of importance to the aggregates industry through both broad-based and micro-targeted campaigns.

Driving It Home


Last year Congress temporarily shored-up the Highway Trust Fund before it became insolvent by approving a short-term extension of the program through May 31, 2015. However, the short-term patch is not guaranteed to last through the length of the extension, and already groups are moving to oppose long-term funding mechanisms essential to maintain our nation’s roads, bridges and highways.

Reauthorization Roadmap


The debate on the future of surface transportation in the 21st century will be the most important one involving highway policy since Congress passed legislation in 1956 establishing the Interstate Highway System. The outcome will not only establish aggregates producers’ future market, it will leave a legacy on which future generations will depend. NSSGA’s Reauthorization Roadmap has been prepared to help you understand what is at stake for the aggregates industry.