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NSSGA represents the interests of the aggregates industry proactively before Congress, the White House and the federal government's departments and agencies. It is the only association that fully represents the aggregates industry from extraction to sales.

Action Center

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Take action and contact your members of congress on issues that affect you and the aggregates industry. Also learn more about current issues affecting the aggregates industry through the NSSGA Action Center. Help us in making a difference

NSSGA's Agenda for the Second Session of the 114th Congress

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This agenda details the legislative priorities of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) for the second session of the 114th Congress.

Our issues

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NSSGA’s Legislative Agenda highlights the priorities of the association. The association’s top priority is passage of a multi-year surface transportation infrastructure authorization. In addition, NSSGA focuses on the potential effects of environmental, labor and business issues, which can impose increased costs and regulatory burdens on the aggregates industry – the foundation of America’s built environment.

Aggregates in Action grassroots network

Becky and Steve Sloan with Sen Jerry Moran (R-Kansas)

Aggregates in Action (A2) is NSSGA’s grassroots network, designed to facilitate NSSGA member participation in the public policy process. The Legislative Action Center allows members to identify and communicate with their congressional representatives on the latest action alert. A2 also includes a key contacts program and recognition awards for the most involved grassroots and grasstops activists.



ROCKPAC is the only political action committee solely dedicated to advancing the aggregates industry’s priorities with federal candidates – standing up for the industry, expanding congressional awareness of it and the significant impacts of congressional actions on aggregates businesses.

Latest advocacy news

  • NSSGA at the 2016 Conventions

      NSSGA had high-profile presences at both the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pa. this month as one of the organizers of the “Connecting America’s Future – Runways, Rivers, Roads and Rails” events. “With Congress out for seven weeks for the party conventions and the August congressional…

    Posted 7/29/16 at 2:20 PM

  • We Need You this September!

    Sit down with elected officials and their staff on Capitol Hill to educate them on the aggregates industry this September. If anyone is attending the Safety and Health Committee Meetings and Advocacy Fly-In, NSSGA will help set up a face-to-face meeting for you and key members of Congress. Register today and become an advocate for aggregates…

    Posted 7/29/16 at 1:37 PM

  • Opposing MSHA’s Proposed Workplace Exams Rule

    NSSGA continues to take steps to oppose MSHA’s proposed rule on workplace exams, as the agency seeks to tighten the rule proposed this year. At an MSHA public hearing on the workplace exams proposal today, Joseph Casper, NSSGA vice president of safety, and members presented the concerns of NSSGA and the association’s Safety and Health subcommittee. …

    Posted 7/26/16 at 5:23 PM

  • Senator Has a Blast at Virginia Quarry Visit

    Cedar Mountain Stone Corp. recently hosted Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., for a site visit at the Mitchells Quarry near Culpeper, Va. The senator saw first-hand how the quarry uses drones to monitor blasts in the 50-acre quarry. “We use drones for about every other blast to understand if we’re using the right amount of explosives,”…

    Posted 7/21/16 at 5:20 PM

  • Face to Face with Capitol Hill Lawmakers

    This September, NSSGA invites everyone in the aggregates industry to meet face-to-face with their elected officials on Capitol Hill and educate them on the value of aggregates. “It is really important to let lawmakers know the many ways that quarries have positive impacts in their communities, and there are quarries in just about every congressional…

    Posted 7/18/16 at 12:20 PM

  • Let’s Bring Congress to Quarries this Summer!

    Congress will soon begin a seven-week recess running from July 16 through Labor Day giving NSSGA members several weeks to host visits to local operations. Last summer, aggregates operations around the country brought members of Congress to their quarries in record numbers. The industry’s heightened participation in “Driving It Home 2015” was a critical component in…

    Posted 7/13/16 at 5:00 PM

  • NSSGA Opposes Timber Building Bill

    Today, pro-lumber members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced legislation that would direct government funding towards studying the benefits of wood over traditional construction materials in tall residential and commercial projects. “NSSGA is very disappointed to see members of Congress foregoing marketplace fairness by using federal funding to show preference to one building material…

    Posted 7/6/16 at 6:25 PM

  • Celebrating 60 Years of Interstate Highways

    The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) celebrates 60 years of the National Interstate Highway System today. President Eisenhower signed the system into law on June, 29, 1956. The National Interstate Highway System was built on a foundation of aggregates, and today an estimated 1.2 million pounds of stone, sand and gravel are used…

    Posted 6/29/16 at 1:23 PM

  • Tax Reform Blueprint Unveiled by House GOP

    Before leaving town for a week-long recess, GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives released a policy paper that advocated for lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent. The 35-page tax reform blueprint is the sixth policy paper of the House GOP’s “A Better Way” agenda and for the first time,…

    Posted 6/29/16 at 9:20 AM

  • Eight Ways to Use Social Media for Community Outreach

    NSSGA is pleased to offer eight ways to use social media to improve community relations.  Members of NSSGA can click here to download a two-page PDF of this image to use as handouts or for any other purpose.  

    Posted 6/28/16 at 4:20 PM